Huxtaburger, Melbourne (& other locations)

main-image When Melbourne thinks of burgers there are only a few places that come to mind, with Huxtaburger (various locations) being one of them. Huxtaburger is found in Melbourne's CBD, Prahran and Collingwood (their flagship store). Any place that sells burgers and beers is a friend of ours.


Huxtaburger - Beef Patty, Mustard, Mayo, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles & Tomato Sauce

It's always a moment to savour when you're greeted with one of these little gems. This burger shows that the little things in life are juicy, mouthwatering and every bit mesmerising. It might not be beaut and glamour on the outside but once you know what it's all about inside, there's no turning back; a bit like myself ... ladies please settle down. Enough metaphorical jibberish for now. It's got all the characteristics of a classic cheese burger but with an extra saucey finish. The sauce may get a little overwhelming but this is cured by the next burger below! Some people call it the Dr. Burger ...

Theo - Huxtaburger with Bacon, Double Patty, Double Cheese & BBQ Sauce

This burger comes with an extra Patty, which means double the fun but unfortunately double the nagging as well ... haha I'm kidding. Whatever. Theo became my best friend for a brief moment before I gobbled him up but he definitely left a lasting impression on me. The flavours going on were making my head dizzy and juice was dripping from my hands which is always a good sign. The extra beef patty really helped bring out the true cheeseburger in Theo as he wasn't distracted as much by the sauces around him. Maybe it was the dinner talking (oh yeah, we came here for dessert because I felt like a burger), but this burger really hit the spot. It was that little bit greasy, that little bit meaty and it certainly gave me the meat sweats post dessert, so that ought to be a good thing right?

Whether it be to absorb an alcohol fueled night, to satisfy one's inner self or maybe you're just on a leisurely burger hunting stroll; then Huxtaburger will have something to accomodate for all occasions.

Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon

Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon